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La Anella Olímpica for everyone

The mission of the Anella Olímpica is to contribute to the dynamization of Barcelona, managing municipal multi-purpose facilities and offering citizens and promoters the best option for the celebration of events, setting international standards in the management of multifunctional venues, consolidating the exploitation model of Barcelona's Olympic facilities and making them the pride of the citizens and of those who work there.

The Anella Olímpica is managed by Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM), a trading company wholly owned by Barcelona City Council. B:SM’s mission is to improve people’s quality of life, creating positive experiences for building a healthy and leading Barcelona. Its management model rests on four cornerstones: providing added-value services for the city and its resides; putting people at the centre, with a special focus on customers and developing talent; continuous improvement and permanent adaptation, putting special emphasis on digitalisation and innovation; and economic and environmental sustainability, invariably seeking a balance between economic and social return from investments. B:SM is a benchmark and pioneering in the field of mobility, culture and leisure and looking after public spaces in Barcelona.

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Actions for environmental sustainability and social responsibility make sense of the Anella Olímpica’s commitment to Barcelona.


We won't keep quiet

The Anella Olímpica is a space attached to the NO CALLEM (We won't keep quiet) protocol of Barcelona City Council against sexual harassment and assault.



Accessible culture

Apropa Cultura was born in 2006 with a will to improve lives of people in vulnerable situation through culture. Thanks to the collaboration with "Apropa Cultura", we make it possible for people at risk of social exclusion to access the shows of the Anella Olímpica at a reduced price.




The facilities of the Olympic Ring have the ISO 14001 quality certification of environmental management. This international standard allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to the protection of the environment through the management of the environmental risks associated with their activity.



Biosphere Certification

We would like to thank all our visitors for their respect for the facilities and for the other users, for their participation and for feeling responsible for a heritage that belongs to all of us.