Responsables i compromesos amb el medi ambient, perseguim pràctiques de gestió que siguin beneficioses pel nostre entorn. Així mateix, garantim un ús responsable dels recursos naturals.


Our F&B service contributes to environmental respect through actions aimed at responsible supply, operating efficiently, minimizing food waste and reducing packaging. 

- Promoting local commerce: acquiring products from local farms.

- Planning in an adjusted way the consumption to avoid food wastage and if it occurs, to give the surpluses to Social Entities.

- Substituting all single-use plastics (cans, bags, straws...) for compostable or reusable material. The average annual volume of returned wastes (before the pandemic) was 180,000 units.



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+ Reciclyng

- We provide containers throughout the venue,  according to the waste fractions to be collected. We have managed to recycle the 30% of all waste generated at the Estadi Olímpic in the recent years.

-To evaluate the percentage of selective collection, we control and count the number of times that the municipal containers are emptied and their density. Thanks to this we are able to establish objectives and monitor indicators to keep on working.

- Over the past few years we have worked on an internal procedure that makes it easier to repair / reuse of unused materials, to prevent the generation of waste. Re-usable items are given to social organizations.




+ Energy savings

- We carry out periodic energy audits to the optimize the consumptions, with practical steps such as the massive substitution of lights for LEDs, or the replacement of old air conditioning equipment for new more efficient ones, which have reduced the consumption by almost the 50% in the last 10 years.

- We have a central control system to turn on or off the lighting of the different sectors of our venue, thus adjusting the energy consumption to the actual use of our facilities.

- We use non-potable groundwater to irrigate the garden areas, saving an average of 5,000 m3 of potable water from the network.

+ Eco friendly

At the Anella Olímpica facilities, we are part of the initiative "Millor sense canyeta" (Better without straws), which aims to reduce single-use plastic straws in the F&B industry. The objective is to raise awareness about the low use of this element and promote the change of strategies in the social sphere.

The plastic straws represent one in 10 of the most common waste found on beaches and inside marine animals. We only use them for a few minutes but they remain in nature for more than 500 years.



+ Quality

The Anella Olímpica facilities have ISO 14001 quality certification for environmental management. This international standard allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection through the management of the environmental risks associated with their activity.