Access for minors
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If you plan to attend an event at the Estadi Olímpic and you are under 16, you should know that:

- According to article 53 of Decree 112/2010 of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the minors under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


- Parents/legal guardians may authorise a responsible adult to accompany these minors.


- Whether the minor is accompanied by a parent/legal guardian or an authorised person, it is essential to have completed the following procedure to gain access to the venue.


- One adult may accompany up to 5 minors.

Procedure for the access of under 16:


One of the parents/legal guardian must complete and submit the online form (you will find it at the end of these instructions).


Follow the instructions you will receive by email  and SMS until you have completed the process.


The procedure will be deemed complete when you have received the QR codes to access the venue (one for each minor) via email.



In the case that during the day that you do the secure signature, you have not received the form to be signed or the QR, please contact us.

These codes will only be sent to the person who will accompany the minor(s).


On the day of the event, at the entrance, you will be asked for:

- Each attendee’s ticket to the show.

- The QR code(s) you have received (1 code per minor).

- Each attendee’s identity document/passport.

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