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Before visiting us, check out our FAQS and tips for making your visit easier.

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FC Barcelona


How can I buy tickets?

Check the “Events” of our website. Next to each event you will find information on the official sales channels for buying tickets. Never buy your tickets through unofficial channels because we cannot guarantee they are authentic.

What are the box office opening times?

The box office only opens on the day of the event, usually 1 hour before the doors open.  If you need to know the exact time, you can write us, using the form on the website or check our social media.

If I’ve lost my tickets or they’ve been stolen, can they be reprinted?

If you’ve lost the tickets and you are the person who bought them, they can be reprinted but we cannot guarantee entry to the venue as the access control can only read a bar code once.

Do children have to pay?

Everyone must have a ticket to enter the venue. Occasionally, this condition may be different for some shows. When you make the purchase process, the sales system will confirm it.

I’m not sure if my tickets are valid, can you check them for me?

We do not check tickets before the event.

If I’ve already bought tickets and I can’t come, can I get my money back?

We do not exchange tickets or issue refunds.

Is it possible to buy tickets at the box office?

On the day of the event, provided there are any available. We recommend you buy tickets in advance through the official channels.

Can I pay for tickets at the box office with a credit card?

No, we only accept payments in cash. Neither €200 nor €500 notes are accepted.

Can I change seats during the show?

No. For safety reasons, the seating capacity in each section has to be respected, so you cannot change your seat.

Will I be allowed to dance?


You will be able to dance in the stands as long as the majority of the audience does it and you do not disturb anyone. If the majority of the audience chooses to be seated then we will require you to be seated out of respect.  Do not stand/dance on the seats, walkways and stairways.

What are named tickets?

Named tickets are non-transferable. They are linked to the person who will be attending the concert. Pay special attention to the purchase instructions and don’t buy tickets without having read the instructions.

Why can’t I publish photos of my tickets on social media?

If you want to publish the fact you are going to a concert, we recommend you don’t show the ticket (especially the bar code) as by doing so you are exposing your ticket to possible forgers.

  • If you want to share that you are going to a concert, don't do it by putting the ticket on the XXSS and if you do, avoid seeing the bar code, QR code, etc. If you do, you are exposing your entry to potential counterfeiters.
  • On the day of the concert, if your ticket is on your mobile, make sure the screen is clean and you have enough charge/connectivity
¿Puedo comprar mis entradas con el “Bono Cultural”?

Podéis consultar si es posible adquirir vuestras entradas mediante “Bono Cultural” en la web del promotor del evento. Encontraréis los datos del promotor en la ficha del espectáculo de nuestra agenda.


Because your safety is our paramount concert, we encourage you to read these tips:

In case of evacuation

  • Make sure you know where the emergency exits are (they are clearly identified all round the venue).
  • In the event of an evacuation, head for the nearest exit as indicated by the signs without stopping. Under no circumstances should you go back.
  • Keep calm and pay attention to the instructions of venue staff.
  • Don’t shout, run or push others, as you could cause dangerous situations given the large number of people gathered at the venue.

Time advice

  • Give yourself enough time. The door opening times will be announced on our social media channels a few days before the show.
  • Check out our FAQS before coming. You’ll find information on various matters that will help you with any queries.

General advices

  • If you are accompanied or in a group, agree on a reference point outside the crowded area, where to meet in case you break up or get lost.
  • If you see a strange or suspicious attitude, let the security team know.
  • Queues are inevitable, be patient. We do our best to make access smooth.
  • For smoother access, we recommend that you follow the safety tips and make sure you avoid carrying any of the prohibited items:


Rigid sticks > 50cm
and laser pointers
Pyrotechnics or
Umbrella with
Containers of glass, metal, hard plastic, water-bottles
> 500ml.  Cap will be removed of bottles <500ml.
Suitcases, trolleys
and / or backpacks > 20L
SLR cameras,
video and / or
Drugs and / or
alcohol, nor
be under its effects

Can I bring my camera to a concert?

Neither reflex nor video cameras or tablets are allowed.

Can I take in a placard?

Yes, provided it is no bigger than DIN A-3 and does not contain offensive messages.

Can I go in with an umbrella?

Pointed umbrellas are not allowed in. Cloakroom service is not available at Estadi Olímpic.

Can I go in with a motorbike helmet?

No. No cloakroom or left-luggage services available.

Can I go in with a selfie stick or laser pointer?

For safety reasons they are not allowed.

Can I go in with a suitcase?

No cloakroom or left-luggage services available.

Which objects are forbidden?


Rigid sticks > 50cm
and laser pointers
Pyrotechnics or
Umbrella with
Containers of
glass, hard and water-bottles 
> 500ml. Cap will be removed of <500ml bottles.
Suitcases, trolleys
and / or backpacks > 20L
SLR cameras,
video and / or
Drugs and / or
alcohol, nor be under
its effects


Can I take food inside?

Yes, food may be brought in as long as it does not require the use of cutlery. No lunch boxes or other containers may be brought in.

Can I take a drink in?

Yes but only in bottles <500ml. For security reasons, cap will be removed.

Can I smoke and/or use an electronic cigarette?

No. Help us to keep the Estadi Olímpic smoke-free.

Who do I have to go to if I have a serious problem?

Speak to the venue staff and they will help you.

What should I do if I experience harassment?

You must notify our staff of any kind of discrimination or harassment and they will help you. Our venues subscribe to the Barcelona City Council “WE WON’T KEEP QUIET” protocol.


Can minors under 16 attend concerts?

Consult the regulations here: "Access for Minors".

If I’m under 16, can I come if I’m accompanied by an adult?

Yes. To enter the venue, you must complete the procedure described on the 'Acces for minors' page. We advise you to carefully read the instructions we provide there.

Will I be able to access the site if we have not completed the procedure?

Minors accompanied by a parent/legal guardian will be able to access the site, but they must go to the Minors points located at the access,  to register access with the ID of each attendee first. In the case of minors accompanied by adults, they will not be able to access without the permission of the parents/legal guardian.

What should I do in the case of an incident during the process of authorizing the access of minors?

Contact us through our contact form.

What if I have an incident during the access on the day of the show?

There is a help point for incidents at every event. Our staff will tell you where it is and we will help you.


Where do I have to buy tickets if I have reduced mobility?

You should only contact the official sales channels, so they can arrange the sale of places with reduced mobility.

I’ve had an accident or injured myself and I’m using crutches. Do I have to buy reduced mobility tickets?

Yes, if you anticipate you will be using crutches on the day of the concert. If you have already bought the ticket before the accident, get in touch with us and we’ll help you.

I need special assistance. Where do I apply for it?

You have to fill in the "Special Assistance form".

How many people can accompany me?

Only one (1) person will be allowed in with you.

Where are the reduced mobility car parks?

You can find them in the PRM page. Please remember they are for the exclusive use of vehicles with the authorised sticker.

Where are the reduced mobility entrances located?

You can check their location here.

Will somebody accompany me to the reduced mobility area?

If you need that service, tell the venue staff so they can provide it.

Can guide dogs enter the venue?

Yes. Duly accredited guide dogs can accompany their owner inside.

I’m pregnant, is there an entrance/area for me?

No. You will only be able to ask for the personal care service if you have a risky pregnancy or under medical recommendation.


Is there a medical service?

Yes, there is a medical team with an ambulance and nursing station at all events.

Can I take medication with me?

Yes, but it must be in its original wrapping and be accompanied with a prescription.

I’m diabetic, can I have my insulin with me?

Yes. You must keep it in its box or case and have a medical certificate that certifies you need to use it.

Is there a cloakroom service?

No. This service is not available at the Estadi Olímpic.

Do children have to pay?

All attendees must have a ticket  to enter the venue, but this condition may change depending on the show. We advise you to consult us or the promoter of the event before purchasing your tickets (you will find the contact information on the ticket for each event).

Is there WiFi?

Not at the moment but we are working on getting it soon.

Is there a lost property service?

Yes, you can get in touch with us using the following form. If any ID documents are found they are passed on to the police (Guàrdia Urbana) within 72 hours.

Is there an ATM?

No, but you can pay with a bank card at the catering and merchandise points.

Where are the merchandise stores?

They are located inside the venue. Their location may vary depending on the event. Please, ask the staff and they will let you know.

Will I find my size when buying merchandise products?

We don’t always have all the sizes, models or articles as the merchandise on sale is provided by the artist. It is not the property of the venue.

Can you pay by card in the stores?

Yes, the merchandise stores accept card payments.

The product that I bought at merchandising shops is damaged. Can I exchange it?

No. The merchandise items do not belong to the venue  and once the concert is over it is returned to the tour. We recommend that you check it well before purchasing it and keep the purchase receipt. In case of incidents in the product, you will be able to make changes during the concert, at the same points of sale.

How can I make a complaint?

We recommend you to manage your ticket online. Click here to access the Barcelona City Council's online service website. We guarantee a prompt response.


Is there a restaurant open to the public before the shows?

You can access the bar service from the opening of the doors until the end of the show.

Can I pay by card in the bars?

Yes. In all the regular bars, not at the mobile sales points. Mobile bars only accept cash (but not €200 or €500 notes).

Can I pay by cash?

Yes, but neither €200 nor €500 notes are accepted.

Is there any food for vegetarians?

Yes. You’ll find vegetarian food at all the venue’s bars.

Is there food available for people with coeliac disease?

Yes. Ask at any bar for information.

Do the bars serve alcoholic drinks?

Yes but it is forbidden to sell alcoholic drinks to minors (under 18).

If I have taken the recyclable cup home, is there any way I can return it?

No. Once you have left the venue you have no option to return it. But you can use it again if you come to another show.

Recyclable cups can be returned the same day of the event along with the token that will have been given to you at the time of purchase.


How do I get to the Estadi Olímpic?

You can check it at "Getting to the Estadi Olímpic" . We recommend you to check our social media to get information for event schedules and access information.

If the show has already started, will they let me in?

Yes, you will be able to access the venue for the duration of the show upon presentation of your ticket.

What time do the doors open before a show?

We inform about the schedules on social media a couple of days before the show.

Where can I park?

There are severa free public spaces available around the Estadi Olímpic.

Where are the car parks for disabled people located?

You can consult it in the section on "Special Assistance". Remember that they are exclusive to vehicles with the authorized badge.We recommend to check our social media before the event for information on parking areas and PRM access before the concert

FC Barcelona

Where can I buy tickets for FC Barcelona matches?

You can find the tickets for the first men's soccer team on their website.

Click here to buy your ticket.

How can I get to the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys on match days?

It is recommended that all people who have to access Montjuïc do so on foot, by public transport or by bicycle, since the circulation of private vehicles will be restricted and access to the areas near the stadium will only be possible with an accreditation.

You will find more information here

Will there be a restoration area?

Yes, the stadium will have a restoration area.

Will people with reduced mobility be able to come to the stadium?

The Specialized Care Office (OAE) manages and coordinates the "We accompany you" project that is carried out together with the Red Cross. To request it, you must contact the OAE by sending an email to between 7 and 4 days before the match.

The service cannot be requested by telephone.

On days when there is no match, will I be able to visit the Estadi Olímpic?

Yes, the Estadi Olímpic can be visited from the Marató gate. The schedule is:

Summer (from April 1 to October 31): from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Winter (from November 1 to March 31): from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On the other hand, when there is a match, the Marató gate will be closed the day before and the same day of the match.

I have questions regarding FC Barcelona tickets and/or matches, where can I find more information?

For specific inquiries about FC Barcelona tickets and/or matches, go to their page


I'm 16 years old, do I need minors' authorization for the match?

Children under the age of 16 at sporting events can enter freely, no authorization is required. 

However, in the case of partners under the age of 14, a joint request must be made with an adult, and with a maximum of 3 minors. He must also enter the Stadium with an adult, in the same area.

All attendees (regardless of their age) must have the corresponding tickets.

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